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Necklace Measurement Basics

Choose your perfect length

The necklace length you choose should be suitable for the wearer’s age, style, wardrobe, neckline, body type and occasion. The specific length should be tailored to the wearer by taking into account her height and general dress size as well as her body type. The lengths named below are traditional and shown based on an average sized wearer at 5'6" and approximately 135 lbs.

Choker necklace length guide

Choker 16"

The 14-16 inch choker is one of the most versatile options in terms of necklace length. In the case of a wider neck or larger pearls the length should be adjusted so that the necklace falls just above the collar bone. This length will fall just a bit above most collar bone lines so it is very suitable for every body type, as It is a “one size fits them all” style necklace.

Princess necklace length guide

Princess 18"

The Princess length is traditionally between 16 and 18 inches and it is slightly longer than the choker. The princess length is lso appropriate for women of all ages and does well with an added enhancer such as a pendant. Shorter necklaces are especially flattering for petite, shorter women so a princess length necklace will be an especially good fit for them.

Matinee necklace length guide

Matinee 24"

The 23 to 24 inch Matinee length falls lower than the princess length necklace. This is a great length for a high collar top design such as a turtle neck or a buttoned up shirt. The matinee necklace can be paired with one of the previous shorter styles for a layered look. Worn as a single jewelry piece, the matinee length necklace will compliment demure clothing in neutral or pastel

Opera necklace length guide

Opera 36"

The Opera length necklace is longer, at a maximum of 36 inches and falls in the middle of a woman's chest area. The common length for an opera style necklace ranges between 28 to 36 inches and is a very popular design for layered as well as single strand looks. Ideal for plus size women or for women of short stature, the opera length necklace will elongate the torso and slim the figure at the same time.

Rope necklace length guide

Rope 45"

The Rope length starts at 45 inches but it is traditionally 50 to 51 inches and longer. Ropes can be worn doubled or tripled for layers as well as in a single strand depending on the effect the wearer wants to create. When it is worn once around the neck a rope length necklace will compliment a taller woman while a wrapped style can be used to create a variety of looks that will cater to most body types and heights.